Learn Hindi or Sanscrit in Brampton, Ontario

Learn to speak Hindi in 50 hours

This course emphasizes deep transformation and is geared for not only those who wish to Learn to read write and speak with proper pronunciations but also for those who desire to deepen their own practice of yogic and spiritual scriptures.

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- Provide resourceful and up-dated teaching materials.
- Use multi-media materials and fun activities in class.
- Help each student design short-term and long-term study plans.

SANSKRIT (100 hours)

Registration and a deposit fee of $500.00 Please note that after the start of our Hindi/Sanskrit Course no refunds are possible, only credits towards a future course will be extended as a courtesy.

Aachary Sandeep Kumar Tyagi - Teacher of Freedom Yoga Hindi /Sanskrit course received his Aacharya (M.A.) degree in Sanskrit from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University of Banaras. He is an experienced teacher from India who taught for 5 years as a Sanskrit Teacher.

If you would like to learn Hindi or Sanscrit, then please email or call at 647-282-2529

Questions and Answers

Why should we learn Hindi/ Sanskrit?
If you want to serve the universe as a real yoga teacher then you should know Sanskrit. Originally all yoga scriptures are written in Sanskrit. For translation Hindi is the most perfect modern language of yogis in India. It’s also one of the most popular speaking languages of the world today. According to recent reports from an International survey Hindi is 3rd most used language. It’s already proven that Hindi is the closest language of Sanskrit in all Indian or foreigner languages.

"Hindi is the daughter of Sanskrit"

Are Hindi and Sanskrit the language of Hindus?
Language is not bound by any religion or culture. Language is the media to connect two as one. There are so many people of different faiths, who speak only Hindi. Hindi and Sanskrit are languages spoken by not just Hindus, but various people in South Asia and through out the globe.

Is learning yogic and spiritual scriptures through translations and commentaries enough to fully understand the true meaning?
Not Really because you are not receiving the true meaning of the original author. You are only exposed to the perception and feelings of commentator. Can a commentator reach the same state of the one he/she is translating from? Especially in the spiritual field? Translations can not convey the authentic feelings of an author. From word to word is far from heart to heart.

To receive the real message from any spiritual master, it would be best to learn His/Her language.
Anyone completing this Freedom Yoga Hindi/Sanskrit course should have no difficulty obtaining full confidence in speaking the language with an International Hindi Community. Also embarking upon a study of the great Sanskrit Yogic Scriptures such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Vedic Mantras/ Chants etc…

While staying true to the 5,000 year old teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Freedom Yoga beckons the spirit to dive deep into self realization. Invoking an atmosphere of friendship and encouragement, this vigorous and creative approach inspires all beings to reach for their edge, push through the illusions of limitations and discover their true potential.

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