Yoga lessons in Brampton
There are several class types to choose from covering all levels of instruction from beginner to advance. Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for a long time, the classes at Freedom Yoga can take your practice to the next level.
Each individual is unique and in their own place in their yoga practice, so the levels provide only a very general guide to class selection. Given the broad range of individual experience and exposure to yoga, many of the classes at Freedom Yoga are offered at the Beginner-Intermediate Levels or at the Intermediate-Advanced Levels.
The more that we see you in class, the easier it is to learn about your individual needs. We look forward to seeing you in class soon.

Yoga for Beginners
These classes are for practitioners who have never practiced yoga, have practiced yoga to a very limited degree. This is suitable for beginners, students of all ages and fitness levels. This gentle, slower paced class offers in details on how to perform each posture. It is non-competitive and most positions are easily modified to fit the individual needs of the practitioner.
You will practice asanas (postures) to develop flexibility and strength encourages correct alignment of the body, and focuses on bringing balance and calm to the practitioner. The class also teaches breathing techniques to help reduce stress, clear the mind, and relax the body.

Advanced Yoga
These classes are great for those students who have previous yoga experience and would like to delve into a deeper practice.

Yoga for Runners
For runners and endurance athletes. This class is designed to bring awareness to the structural and muscular imbalances caused by repetitive strain on the specific muscles and joints used in running. The core of this yoga practice and training is based on using yoga to enhance physical performance and therapeutically for injury recovery and prevention.

Yoga for Seniors
Gentle Yoga for Seniors (ages 55+) will provide a practice that honors and respects the mature body. You will enjoy increased strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and energy as you gently challenge yourself.

Time: Every Thursday 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Where: Community Room #1 (besides Dance studio) Address: Brampton Soccer Center
1495 Sandalwood PKY E, Brampton, L6Y 4R2
Phone: 647-282-2529
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Registration open now

Single Class: $20
1 Month Pass: $80
3 Month Pass: $300
6 Month Pass: $500

Payment Methods:
A) Cash: Contact: 647-282-2529
B) Cheque: Make cheques payable to "Sanskrit Yoga Sabha"
C) E-Transfer (sanskrityogasabha@gmail.com)

Family Yoga
An introduction to yoga and pranayama using storytelling, props, art projects, and fun with Sundeep and Haley. A class that balances the fun aspects of Yoga for kids with the ancient art of Yoga. When: Thursdays 7pm
Where: 363 Howden Brampton NBUC
Phone: 647-282-2529

Registration open now

Single Class: $20
8 Class Pass: $140

Payment Methods:
A) Cash: Contact: 647-282-2529
B) Cheque: Make cheques payable to "Freedom Yoga Gurukul"
C) E-Transfer (freedomyogasun@gmail.com)

Reduced Heat Yoga
Similar to Hot Yoga however the temperature is set 10 degrees less at 28 degrees. Can be used to prepare for Hot Yoga classes if you are timid of the heat.

Corporate Yoga
Corporate Yoga Classes are the great way to relax, revitalize, and release tension caused by the daily stresses of life. Most of our classes are all-levels and are suitable for almost anyone, even absolute beginners.

Yoga for couples/partners
Enjoy this Partner Yoga class with a friend, family member, or your significant other to build trust, understanding, flexibility and strength. Partner yoga allows you to deeply connect with another person and have fun with this joyful practice. In this class you will work together on yoga postures, stretch and relax together.

Semi-Private/Private Yoga Classes
Semi private and private yoga classes are a wonderful way to explore what yoga means to you. Personalized instruction allows for the student’s practice to develop organically in an environment that’s comfortable. Deepen your practice with a one-on-one yoga class where we will go over specific areas of focus for your body and suggest a recommended practice.
Private lessons may be converted to semi-private lessons if desired.
Private class: $90/hour

Payment Methods:
A) Cash: Contact: 647-282-2529
B) Cheque: Make cheques payable to "Sanskrit Yoga Sabha"
C) E-Transfer (sanskrityogasabha@gmail.com)

Yoga Lessons in Brampton with Sundeep Tyagi
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Aacharya Sundeep K. Tyagi
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