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We are thrilled to announce a New Foundational Teacher Training and Advanced TTC for Spring and Summer 2017! We continue to offer this world-class training at the convenience of your schedule as designed by you.

Training is offered every day! We are a family that walks and breathes our yoga-lifestyle, and together we invite you to explore the possibilities presented!

Updates to Our Yoga Alliance Registry: Staff members Sundeep Tyagi and Heather McCarrol are now Continuing Education Providers! What does this mean? As a Registered Yoga Teacher, you can log ongoing training hours with us, which will ultimately count toward your registered experience and life experience. What subjects do you want to explore most? The course content is tailored entirely to you!

Contact: freedomyogasun@gmail.com

NEW! Registry with Canadian Yoga Alliance. Freedom Yoga Canada is now recognised as a Gold School, and our main faculty are CYA-RYTs. We’re so happy to be able to offer you registration with Canadian Yoga Alliance so you can be certified fully!

As in Freedom Yoga, the quest of every soul is to achieve the supreme state of freedom- in fact, it is the purpose for which we are born: to flow in the river of life, unobstructed, and yet find our way to the supreme ocean of eternal freedom (what we refer to in common parlance as the supreme Samadhi).

Yoga is the supreme and ancient doctrine, which helps achieve this freedom within the boundaries of discipline, and which can be achieved by aligning the mind, body and soul through various practices.

Freedom Yoga School is officially recognized by Yoga Alliance and Canadian Yoga Alliance. This institute’s main focus is creating capable yoga teachers via the medium of rigorous practical and theoretical training.

Freedom Yoga was established in 1999 and has been serving the Canadian community by providing yoga teacher training and daily classes open to everyone.

We offer yoga classes in the GTA that are suitable for anyone- from beginners to advanced practitioners- with a focus on freedom and teacher training. Join our yoga family today.

In partnership with our family in India, Freedom Yoga has also created a school in India where over 600 children from kindergarten to grade 12 receive their education every year! The school is now self-sustaining and in its second phase: expansion.

Freedom Yoga is focused on forming a new Freedom Yoga Centre in the Greater Toronto Area. We invite you to help create and contribute your positive energy and brilliant presence to fulfill this project. Your financial support will go towards the purchasing of a building for the Freedom Yoga Centre. Our aim is to establish a healthy, harmonious, happy and safe environment in the community by practicing ancient and modern yogic teachings on a daily basis.

We offer lifestyle coaching, satsang and kirtan, Sanskrit and Hindi language education, and advanced philosophical study.

"Bringing the ancient teachings of Yoga to the forefront of Health & Wellness Worldwide."

Contact us:

Sundeep Kumar Tyagi (647) 282-2529

Haley Tyagi (416) 402-9642

Heather McCarrol (647) 657-9642

Level One, Two, Master/Teacher

For more information, please call (416) 402-9642

See our float in the Panorama India Day Grand Parade August 20, 2017

The Yoga Chalisa

Yoga Chalisa

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