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Yoga Chalisa

We launched the Yoga Chalisa on June 21st, 2015 at Century Gardens; that day was declared the first ever International Yoga Day by the United Nations. What a coincidence that we picked an auspicious day ahead of time without even realizing!

Being immersed in yoga for the past thirty years, Acharya Sundeep Tyagi felt that there was a need for a Yoga Chalisa. Through passionate evocation, Acharya Sundeep joined multi-talented musicians and yogis to create the Yoga Chalisa!

Sanjeev Nagi - Raaga Nation is a superb musical composer. Without his efforts, the Yoga Chalisa would not have been recorded so masterfully

We were so happy to celebrate the event with members of the community, friends and family. Jolly Das, former Indian Idol singer, gifted us with an amazing vocal performance. We were so glad she visited from India!

Sandeep Nath, Bollywood lyricist, inspired us with his talented presence.

Yogis and yoginis all made the event very special and sacred!

To support the artists, buy your very own hard-copy of Yoga Chalisa for delivery from PayPal.

To stream the Yoga Chalisa for free, go to Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sundeep-tyagi


A Collection of Poems, written by Sundeep Kumar Tyagi on Sunday, November 9, 2014.

Freedom Yoga and Aacharya Sundeep would like to express their deep gratitude for supporting the book. Aacharya Sundeep is especially grateful to Shri Akhilesh Mishra, Consul General of India, Toronto. for speaking at the book launch.

Shri Mishra ji's talk honored the gifts of multiculturalism both in Toronto and as expressed in Sanjh: A Collection of Poems due to the multitude of languages in which it is written.

Sanjh: A Collection of Poems can be purchased on Amazon and Paypal.
You can also contact: Aacharya Sundeep K. Tyagi at (647) 282-2529
or email to: sanskrityogasabha@gmail.com

The Yoga Chalisa

Yoga Chalisa

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