Yoga Teachers Bios at Freedom Yoga Brampton
Sundeep Tyagi - yoga teacher Sundeep K.Tyagi

Near the foothills of the Himalayas, Sundeep taught The Vedic Scriptures, Philosophy, Sanskrit and Freedom Yoga.
Spending most of his life in selfless service to humanity disseminating the ancient knowledge of how to achieve radiant health and spiritual development.
Embodies humility, kindness, and unconditional love for all.
He has practiced ancient Yoga (8 limbs) in Northern India. Studying 12 years as Bramacharia in the Gurukal style in Haridwar.
Receiving Certification as a Vedic Priest, Sundeep went on to attain his Bachelor's Degree in Classical Indian Music.

As well as his Aacharya (M.A) in Sanskrit (the language of the soul).
He is truly happy to have opened a new school in his home village of Sisouna. Kanada Vidya Peeth welcomes all local children and those from near by villages, whom otherwise would not have the opportunity to receive a proper education. In 1999 Sundeep was invited to Canada as a priest to share religious scriptures, ceremonies and give lectures.

Teaching Sacred Sound, Mantras, Meditation, and Pranayam. His aim is to spread the yogic way of life through living example, wholistic education and creating a collective of teachers, healers and friends.

Suneep is also a Reiki Master, published poet, brilliant speaker and rare soul. He teaches his classes in English and Hindi languages.
Haley at Freedom Yoga

Bhakti ~ Haley

Haley a mystic, a mother, a lover of earth, sky, sun and sea.
In The holy city of Rishikesh, in India while singing at the banks of the Ganges River, in the sands in the sands of the sages. A Realization came that this is home, immersed in sacred sound, this is home. 25 years of studying the Art of Yoga and The Essence of Reiki in Sedona Arizona, and dancing around the world to tribal rhythms, She is creating a global family. Haley has passionately married her love of yoga and dance. Sharing the healing art of movement in Sacred World Dance. A spiritual director of Freedom Yoga School, One on One Yoga/Lifestyle coaching. A Yoga Shiromani from The Sivananda Vedanta Centre, Haley also married the love of her life Sundeep and is delighted to have delivered their daughter Samadhi. "Come join us each morning as we rise and yogadance till we drop in divine bliss absolute. All are welcome here!"


Heather Elizabeth McCarrol yoga teacher, poet Heather Elizabeth McCarrol

Heather Elizabeth McCarrol is a yoga teacher and poet. She studied English, French and psychology at York University. She is currently working in Canada's Greater Toronto Area where she studies at George Brown College. Heather is studying in the field of Early Childhood Education in hopes of building a foundation for real peace in human society.

Forever motivated by this desire for a healthier community, Heather searched for what it is she has to offer; it was in this search that she found the ahimsic path of self-study known as yoga.

Heather’s studies continued as she practiced in Brampton where she first met her teacher Acharya Sundeep Kumar Tyagi (Sundeep ji). At age 19 Heather studied under her teacher’s YTT program at Freedom Yoga in Canada. Sundeep ji emphasized to her, authentically, the roots of yoga. As part of her training she taught children, seniors, non-heated and heated classes. Heather received her 200-hours foundational yoga teacher training certificate in 2011. After teaching private and group classes for one year Heather made a trip to British Colombia for two months, where she mostly camped on the Gulf Islands and developed her personal practice. In 2013, upon returning to Ontario and her teacher, Heather graduated from Freedom Yoga’s 300-hour advanced teacher training course.

As a health conscious and compassionate person, Heather makes and enjoys healthy drinks and meals. She specializes in smoothies, juices and nutritional meal plans.

Through story-telling, exercise, and arts and crafts, Heather teaches yoga to children. Children develop motor skills and focus in yoga's safe and dynamic environment.

As well, Heather teaches multi-styles of modern yoga, including private yoga, hot yoga, seniors yoga, chair yoga, partner yoga and flow yoga in various studios, gyms, wellness centers, summer camps and elementary school programs.

In 2014 she assisted her teacher Sundeep Kumar Tyagi of Freedom Yoga publish his book Sanjh: A Collection of Poems by editing the English portion of the book.

The United Nations declared June 21, 2015 to be the first ever International Yoga Day- it was on this day that the not-for-profit organization Sanskrit Yoga Sabha launched the Yoga Chalisa. Heather was selected to be a vocalist featured on the Yoga Chalisa CD. A chalisa is a classical Indian composition devoted to a particular subject; its tradition was begun by the poet-saint Tulsi Das and was continued by Sundeep Kumar Tyagi in honor of Yoga.

Heather is looking forward to publishing her poetry in the near future.


Alla Tchernycheva - yoga teacher Alla Tchernycheva

Alla's life has been oriented around movement and fitness for as long as she can remember. In 2005 her curiosity of the spiritual growth and passion for wellness led her into yoga.
Yoga helped her find the balance she needed in her life to stop rushing. She continues to find her path to discovering her inner spirit.
Students who come to Alla's classes are encouraged to use yoga, not only as a physical activity, but as a way to reduce stress, tension, and increase happiness and personal awareness. She has found that her yoga practice has increased her physical and mental strength and flexibility both on and off the mat. Her classes offer a safe, judgment free environment for everyone to explore and enjoy every stage of their lives.
She encourages you to feel the relationship between thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Along with still postures and flow, she emphasizes Pranayama to promote balance and to connect with your inner self.
Contact us: Aacharya Sundeep K. Tyagi  (647) 282-2529